Facebook Page Fan Count for Siena College

Date Fan Count
July 10, 2017 29,673
July 03, 2017 29,655
June 26, 2017 29,648
June 19, 2017 29,631
June 12, 2017 29,605
June 05, 2017 29,551
May 29, 2017 29,536
May 22, 2017 29,516
May 15, 2017 29,456
May 08, 2017 29,387
May 01, 2017 29,330
April 24, 2017 29,282
April 17, 2017 29,228
April 10, 2017 29,211
April 03, 2017 29,182

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Engagement Score

For each post, we have used the following formula to determine an Engagement Score:

The Engagement Score is our attempt to quantify how effective a given post is at engaging the audience of an institution's page. We use likes, comments, and shares as signals of this engagement. We've assigned comments and shares twice the weighting of likes because we believe writing a comment or sharing a post with your Facebook friends is a stronger form of engagement than a simple click of the like link. A comment involves a person contributing new content and a share increases the distribution of the original post.

We recognize that this is a rudimentary measurement, but we believe it provides a high-level sense of how engaging a particular post is and a point of comparison when looking for trends and best practices. We also recognize that our metric focuses on particular forms of engagement (likes, comments, and shares). It does not take into account how many views a video may have received, how many click-thrus a link may have garnered, or whether a post led to particular actions by an audience member. We would love to be able to incorporate these metrics into our analysis, but are limited by the data provided by Facebook via its Graph API. You should consider incorporating these metrics when attempting to analyze your own institution's Facebook Page posts, where more data can be gleaned from the Insights section.


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