Free Webinar: Moving from Broadcasting to Community Building

Want to create a more meaningful social media experience for your audience? Hoping to get your followers to do more than just like your posts or favorite your tweets? Sign up for our free 30-minute Webinar entitled "Moving from Broadcasting to Community Building".

Learn how to:

  • Be a Conversation Starter, not just a Broadcaster
  • Engage your audience on Social Media
  • Encourage participation and interaction among your followers

We'll be sharing lessons learned from:

  • Powering private communities for dozens of colleges and universities
  • Analyzing hundreds of thousands of posts by 700+ college and university Facebook pages
  • Surveying hundreds of higher ed pros

Did we mention that it's free? Just sign-up below.

Available Dates

You've got two opportunities to catch our live webinar:

  • Wednesday, May 21 at 2pm ET
  • Thursday, May 29 at 1pm ET

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