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How We Help You & Your Alumni

  • Unlock the Power
    of Your Network

    Your alumni network is your most valuable asset. Our tools help alumni fully leverage this resource to forge new relationships around common geography, interests, and passions.

  • Reduce Your

    Tired of monitoring a slew of Facebook and LinkedIn Groups? We offer a single community platform that your team can easily manage.

  • Empower Your

    Give your alumni the tools to start their own conversations, organize their own events, and even create their own niche communities.

Key Features

  • Real Conversations,
    Real Connections

    Your alumni can connect and converse with each other based on location, career interests, activities, and more

  • Actionable Data
    & Valuable Insights

    Know who's in the community and how active they are. Leverage these insights to impact your development goals

  • Safe & Secure

    You're in control of the community. Keep out unwanted members and moderate inappropriate content

  • Personalized
    News Feed

    Our News Feed highlights activity that targets each member's profile and interests, ensuring a highly relevant experience for your alumni

  • Mobile and

    Our platform utilizes responsive design, meaning your alumni get a great experience on any device

  • Social Media

    Alumni can enhance their profiles with data from LinkedIn and Facebook and we can automatically pull the latest content from your office's social media accounts

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Our Discover Platform helps you get more value out of your community-building efforts

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